IV Sedation Training Courses

"My client in Jersey required an update on sedation techniques which is used regularly for dental implants.  I naturally made Mellow Dental Sedation Training my first port of call as I have known Dr Roy Bennett for many years and have always found him to share my passion for excellent standards in patient care. He is a dentist that commands respect simply through his leadership skill,s expertise and kind disposition.For added value and return on investment I cannot recommend Mellow Dental  Sedation Training enough.

  Please feel free to contact me if you need any further validation.

Jayne Sproson - Business Development Consultant

Sedation is of great benefit to patients and practices and I strongly feel that there is a significant potential for a practice offering this service. 

Make sedation available to your practice - contact vanessa@mellowdental.co.uk

Sedation help in your Practice.

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