Sedation Training Courses

This course in conscious sedation is both suitable as an introduction for your dental team and also as a refresher for practitioners wishing to remain up to date with current techniques and contemporary teaching. The training provides theoretical and practical instruction in all aspects relating to the current use of conscious sedation techniques.

Testimonial Jayne Sproson

"My client in Jersey required an update on sedation techniques which is used regularly for dental implants.  I naturally made Mellow Dental my first port of call as I have known Dr Roy Bennett for many years and have always found him to share my passion for excellent standards in patient care. He is a dentist that commands respect simply through his leadership skill,s expertise and kind disposition.

I had not however heard Roy as a speaker, which I found out subsequently was to my own detriment.  The organisation and logistics of the course was exacting and simple.  Roy and Vanessa escalated my confidence in my decision to instruct Mellow Dental, due to the precision questioning involved in the preparation that resonated with me as a trainer.  This spoke volumes that their approach was not that of 'one size fits all'.  Roy and Vanessa have a real understanding of the psychology of the dental team dynamics.

Roy as a speaker is not just extremely knowledgeable, he takes an approach that appeals to the learning styles of individuals and their own specific needs.  At no point in the day did he lose anyone in that room.  He made everyone feel valued and we left with an action plan for change.  To me this is fundamental to providing real value for money.

Following the training the support to ensure that the processes were implemented with an urgency and efficiency were followed through, yet without feeling pressurised.

Vanessa was always quick to respond to any queries.   There are few individuals on the circuit that I can describe as having the 'X Factor, which leave a  an impact on each individual and managing change effectively. Dr Bennett is right up there on in my Top Ten.

For added value and return on investment I cannot recommend Mellow Dental enough.  Please feel free to contact me if you need any further validation.

Jayne Sproson - Business Development Consultant

Sedation is of great benefit to patients and practices and I strongly feel that there is a significant potential for a practice offering this service. 

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